The research and development team at Fromm Barriers has fused real
world military and domestic protective experience with modern technology
to produce the best rapid deployment barriers systems on the market
today.  Our focus is to provide the client with superior systems that
will provide immediate and effective protection from a variety of
potentially threatening situations.  Please compare our systems with our
competitors in regard to patents, testing, deployment timing and
customer satisfaction.  The superiority of the Fromm Barrier system
ensures the client that our products have developed new standards in
excellence for quality, technological leadership and operating
efficiency.  When a threat occurs, clients can be assured that our
systems deploy quickly, easily and will provide dependable protection.
Whatever branch of the military or department of law
enforcement/security, our dedicated and experienced team is mission
ready 24/7 to assist you in meeting your individual security





Preparation is crucial so now is the time to act.  When a threat occurs
you can be assured our systems will deploy quickly and will provide
dependable protection.  Again, after reviewing all relevant factors, we
are confident you will determine our systems are superior.

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